My name is Kyle Runner and I’ve had a passion for photography since before I even knew what passion was. What started as a means for me to capture my travels grew into a greater love for the beauty of the world around me.

A little about myself:

At the spry age of 18, I was blessed enough (and at the time, quite unqualified) to shoot my very first wedding. Lucky for me, prayer works, and it was a very wonderful start! Since that first wedding I’ve worked towards learning my craft and gaining the technical skills to match my love for wedding photography.

Fast forward 10 years and Runner Photography is my biggest blessing. If you’re stopping by this page because you’re in need of a photographer,  send me a quick email telling me about yourself! Choosing the right photographer isn't just about good photos, it's also very much about a strong connection between photographer and client. 

My entire approach to wedding photography and all photography is to harness the beauty and simplicity of a moment and capture the best of your irreplaceable days.

Especially when it comes to weddings, there’s enough to complicate things; I make it my guarantee that the photography will never be one of those complications!

I find joy in the little details, the candid moments and the stolen glances. If you’re looking for a photographer that can find the best photo in an awkward situation but can also disappear into the wallpaper to capture the tender moments, I’m your guy!

Thanks for stopping by and I sincerely hope to hear from you soon!