Ashley and Chris - New Jersey

Ashley and Chris are former Wilmingtonians that have returned to the beautiful garden state (seriously, New Jersey has some majorly beautiful scenery!) and I was lucky enough to get to travel up to Bradley Beach, New Jersey to capture it all!

When I first met Ashley and Chris, Ashley told me to prepare for some of the most fun dancefloor shots of a groom that I had ever captured. While I came in hopeful, I was still completely blown away by how true her assessment turned out to be.

 Chris Mccans is a complete animal on the dancefloor...

 maybe the most dance-proficient groom that I've ever  had the pleasure of photographing!

Ashley and Chris, I hope these photos serve as a bright and frequent reminder to just how special and fun-filled your day truly was. I'm honored to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of it all!