Otero Wedding // Wake Forest, NC

The fun meter was maxing out on this one! Andrew and Erin have to be some of the most lovely, lively and laid back people that I've ever had the pleasure of working with and their wedding day reflected that from beginning to end.

Plus, when the wedding is taking place at the beautiful Crenshaw Hall, I always know it's going to be an easy treat for me as a photog! 

Andrew and Erin, may these photos last you a lifetime and a half, and thanks again for trusting me to capture your gorgeous day. 


Raleigh Engagement Session: Andrew and Erin

It took us just a few tries to finally make this shoot happen, but I am so glad that I finally got to meet up with Andrew and Erin to grab a few shots before their big day in August.

We met in downtown Raleigh and stopped by a few places that were important to them early on in their relationship, and then we decided to just roam around. That's when we stumbled upon a local festival that led to some hat shenanigans.

I can tell this is going to be a fun one... See you guys in August!

Jared and Olivia -- Asheville, NC

What a beautiful wedding! Jared and Olivia, you set the bar for other engaged couples pretty darn high when you decided to get married literally at the top of a mountain!

The love between these two was so tangible and it was so obvious to see that everyone present at the wedding played a big role in both Jared and Olivia's lives. 


Ashley and Chris - New Jersey

Ashley and Chris are former Wilmingtonians that have returned to the beautiful garden state (seriously, New Jersey has some majorly beautiful scenery!) and I was lucky enough to get to travel up to Bradley Beach, New Jersey to capture it all!

When I first met Ashley and Chris, Ashley told me to prepare for some of the most fun dancefloor shots of a groom that I had ever captured. While I came in hopeful, I was still completely blown away by how true her assessment turned out to be.

 Chris Mccans is a complete animal on the dancefloor...

 maybe the most dance-proficient groom that I've ever  had the pleasure of photographing!

Ashley and Chris, I hope these photos serve as a bright and frequent reminder to just how special and fun-filled your day truly was. I'm honored to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of it all!



Mark and Melissa Blackwell! - Charlotte, NC

I know Mr. Mark Blackwell quite well. When you kayak the majority of North Carolina's rivers with a guy, you tend to get to know his mind and heart a lot better. And I can clearly say that in my time spent getting to know Mark, it was clear what a huge capacity for love and justice this man has.

 That's probably why I wasn't too terribly surprised when Mark decided to start his very own nonprofit after college,  Justice Ministries . Mark has devoted his life's work to rescuing those that cannot rescue themselves from horrible oppressive situations (no, not in some crazy far off place... in our own backyard!) I knew it would take a very special lady in Mark's life to come on board with such a bold, adventurous and frankly, dangerous endeavor. 

Enter from stage right, Melissa: This gal instantly answered the question of what kind of woman Mark would need, because it is definitely her!  It's so easy to see the care and respect that these two have for one another, and frankly gets me pretty excited to watch their adventure unfold! 

Mark and Melissa, it was such an honor to get the capture the day that brought you two together forever. It's a responsibility that I never take lightly, but always relish. Your wedding day was a blast, and as I mentioned before, I cannot wait  to see the direction that God takes you guys in for both your ministry to the world and also to one another.

You heard it first here folks: Big things are ahead for the Blackwells!

Now, without further ado, enjoy some photos from a wonderful wedding!!